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SEO Education 101

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• A Collection of 27 Professionally Recorded Videos - This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about search engine optimization. • Why SEO is Awesome - Before you actually start applying SEO, I want you to understand the advantages, so you can use them to their fullest extent.
• How the Search Engines Work - It is crucial that you understand what the search engines are looking for when ranking sites, so you can give them what they want, and avoid their penalties.
• The Power of Keyword Research - If you aren't creating pages that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Let me show you how to perform effective keyword research.
• How to Create an Optimized Webpage - I will show you everything you need to know to create a well optimized page that is focused on the keyword that you want to rank for. Watch me apply things such as meta tags, keyword highlighting, and more.
• The Importance of LSI - I will explain the increasing importance of practicing LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) when creating your content, so you can stay ahead of the game as the search engines continue to evolve.
• What Makes a Great Backlink - Off-page search engine optimization is all about getting high quality links. I will examine what makes a backlink great, and what you need to be looking for.
• How to Get Great Backlinks - I will share multiple powerful ways to get relevant, high quality backlinks to your site....for free!
• How to Optimize Your Website For Sales - I will show you how to optimize your site to ensure you are making the most possible from your visitors.
Here's whats covered in SEO Education 101:
• Video 1 - Duration: 01:30 SEO Introduction
• Video 2 - Duration: 01:47 The Advantages of SEO
• Video 3 - Duration: 03:43 Search Engine Basics
• Video 4 - Duration: 05:59 The Importance Of The Domain Name
• Video 5 - Duration: 02:33 The Importance Of Keyword Research
• Video 6 - Duration: 01:30 The Role Of The Title Tag
• Video 7 - Duration: 02:09 Understanding Meta Tags
• Video 8 - Duration: 01:26 The Importance Of Anchor Text
• Video 9 - Duration: 01:33 Using Header Tags Effectively
• Video 10 - Duration: 02:07 Setting Up A Proper LInking Structure
• Video 11 - Duration: 01:16 Keyword Highlighting
• Video 12 - Duration: 02:46 An Overview of LSI
• Video 13 - Duration: 03:05 What Makes A Great Backlink?
• Video 14 - Duration: 02:51 Article Marketing
• Video 15 - Duration: 01:39 Submitting To Free Directories
• Video 16 - Duration: 02:41 Submitting To Paid Directories
• Video 17 - Duration:02:04 Relevant Blogs
• Video 18 - Duration: 01:42 Press Releases
• Video 19 - Duration: 02:45 Creating Your Own Blogs
• Video 20 - Duration: 01:59 The Power Of A Squidoo Lens
• Video 21 - Duration: 01:42 The Power Of A Hubpages Hub
• Video 22 - Duration: 01:20 Fun With Wikispaces
• Video 23 - Duration: 01:47 Gaining Credibility From Forums
• Video 24 - Duration: 01:42 Don't Overdo It!
• Video 25 - Duration: 02:58 Monetization Optimization
• Video 26 - Duration: 02:46 Building A List
• Video 27 - Duration: 01:45 Conclusion
Total Running Time: 1 hour and 46 minutes
***** Requirements and Features *****• Only compatible with android devices that can support 640x480 video playback.• Internet connection required to download videos. (WiFi connection recommended.)• Total space required to download all videos is 41MB.• Each video will be downloaded automatically from high performance Amazon CloudFront servers when viewed for the first time.• Videos will be stored on SD card first if available, otherwise they will be stored in internal memory.• An alert message will be displayed if there is insufficient external or internal data storage available to download a video.